I am Dr. Chocolate. In 2008, I earned a PhD from the University of Washington by studying chocolate. Now, I am on the hunt for the best chocolate in the world.

Friday, February 10, 2012

(Dr.) Chocolate in the news

Valentine's Day approaches, so chocolate is in the news more than usual. Impeccable UW news reporter Molly McElroy has written an article about my chocolate work. Check it out!

'Dr. Chocolate' seeks world's best chocolate

And of course do your Valentine's shopping this weekend with the artisans who are making a difference in this chocolate world. My favorites, as always, include Amano, Dandelion, Fresco, and Rogue, and you can order from all of them online. You will be SO HAPPY you did -- and so will the lucky loved ones who get to eat your Valentine's Day presents!

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  1. Great article about you, good Doctor. Keep up the excellent work!